Coda: Three Weeks Later

It’s amazing how little time I find I have when I’m back into the stream of ordinary life. My time in Brazil vanishes from the front of my mind, almost as if a switch has been cut over. Back comes the framework of my New Zealand universe. It’s an emotionally painful process in its way; some things just can’t be processed in the same frame of reference, and I need time to unpack – literally, in many ways. There’s still stuff on my futon.

But Brazil is still there underneath, reminding me that there is a brighter world outside, even if it is dangerous. It sits and burns like a hot coffee spilled on my skin. As always, I don’t know what to do with such knowledge. It leaves me feeling empty, disconnected, adrift in a frame of First World values that seem pointless and decoupled from reality.

I’ve made the visits and calls. The three packs of cupuaçu chocolates from Belem are gone, as are two of the Garota assortments. I still have some calendars to pass on.

I’ve updated my final batch of photographs from my memory card, from the last weekend in Vespasiano – the ‘Waking the Warriors’ Charismatic prayer seminar which is increasingly becoming Paul’s mission. They’re in my Flickr photostream as always.

I will probably be waking up my original weblog again – – when I figure out what next I have to say. It will probably be along the lines of my current study area – the intersection of Christianity with New Age spirituality (they are a lot closer than you might think).

For now, here’s the website of a book I’m reading which seems relevant: God Stories .

For everyone who’s been reading, thank you for following me on my journey.


4 Responses to “Coda: Three Weeks Later”

  1. Wanting Says:

    I give you a 50$ donation for one box of Garota, if you have any left.

  2. W. Says:

    Beautiful bench photo with cobblestone. I love benches, i.e. comfortable ones, not the N.Z. kind.

  3. Paul Says:

    w: give me your address and i’ll post you a box out…

  4. W. Says:

    What a great surprise. Thanks, Paul.

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