Sunday, 22 Feb, NZDT.

I’ve been back in New Zealand for four days, recovering from jetlag.

What comes now?

The problem with travel is that you have a wonderful time and then it all goes away and you’re left with nothing but memories, and even they fade.

My head is still halfway over the Pacific and I have to somehow sort out how to live in two worlds.

That’s the hardest part.


26 Responses to “Reentry”

  1. Word Says:

    Rom.8:14 Not easy, no!

  2. Wondering Wanderer Says:

    Whatsoever it may be to whomsoever, here is “The Call”

  3. Waiting for the Wind Says:


  4. Weatherfreak Says:

    What? Addicted? Me? And that to the daily weather report? Who would have thought? I need to know the current state of your kitchen sink, how much Marmite is on your breakfast toast, the ingredients of your favorite cheesecake and all the other juicy little tidbits, without which life is just not the same. You have to go back to Brazil and that fast. (I guess it won’t happen, but thanks anyway, it was an exciting trip!)

  5. Weatherfreak Says:

    I’m serious!

  6. Weatherfreak Says:


  7. W. Says:

    So long.

  8. Wing Says:

    I want to live ABOVE the world…….my prayer, my aim is higher ground

  9. Wondering Says:

  10. Worried Says:

    What I’m trying to say is: Please don’t feel bad, it’s o.k.

  11. Wayfarer Says: came across some people trying to wrap their heads around religion

  12. Wayfarer Says:

    Somebody kicked my shin on Thursday, the ache of which moved up to my heart and today landed in my head, which is why I currently cannot wrap same head around that of someone else. But I’m sure you can.

  13. Wounded Says:

    Hoping they still are reading this, I want to say to the person that kicked me that I forgive them and that they were right in doing so. I knew I should not do what I did, but there is a force stronger than I that I succumbed to against better knowledge. If this does not seem to be a comment on the subject of “reentry”, it is a comment on the subject of “how to live”.

  14. W. Says:

    Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again, Because a vision softly creeping, Left its seeds while I was sleeping, And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence (Simon & Garfunkel)

  15. Weatherman Says:

    and silence like a thunder roars

  16. Weatherman 2 Says:

  17. W. Says:

  18. Winterwithoutsunsong Says:

  19. Weatherman Says: Thought this belongs here. Great song!

  20. W. Says:

    I made another mistake. I actually don’t like the images on the wall in this video. Would you please delete? Thanks.

  21. Weathercontrolroom Says: 1.Cor13

  22. Winter Says: something positive on TV tonight by Colin McCahon

  23. Weatherman Says:

    Here comes the sun

  24. Walter Says:

  25. W. Says:

    P.S.:…Just for the sake of truth: I *was* serious on 24.2. Not that anyone cares. But I *do*.

  26. W. Says:

    Make that: But *I* do.

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