New flight

In Auckland (yay the free internet at the Samsung booth in International, boo the total lack of anything in Domestic) and flight has been bumped to QF2759 arriving chc probably 10-ish.


10 Responses to “New flight”

  1. Weatherman Says:

    Christchurch has been unseasonably or unreasonably unwarm lately. With a bit of Brazilian sunshine things should improve, after a few more days of wind and rain, as I heard.

  2. Weatherman Says:

    Finally landed! Pedalling done. Christchurch has you again and you must have wabbly legs.

  3. Weatherman Says:

    or rather wobbly

  4. Paul Says:

    welcome back home…

    Rosemberg wanted to know why you didn’t want to stay here…


  5. Nate Cull Says:

    Aww. Poor Rosemberg! Back here in chilly little Christchurch I’m kind of wondering myself.

  6. Weatherman Says:

    Sun’s shining already!

  7. Paul Says:

    at least you missed tonight’s shootout on the Linha Vermelha

  8. Weatherman Says:

    Glad he did!

  9. Nate Cull Says:

    A shootout? Man, I leave for one day and you guys have all the fun. I knew you were holding out on me.

  10. Weatherman Says:

    That is the pacifist talking.

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