We’ve arrived in Vespasiano, a small town of around 100,000 people on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais state.

The bus trip to Rio took around three hours, then the one to Belo only six hours (midnight to 6am, on a rather nice sleeper bus with reclinable seats and the only downside being an unflushable loo).

Meanwhile, one of the other Friburgo workers whose bus going down the other side of our mountain to Macáe got spectacularly delayed by a landslide, fallen power lines, a 4 metre crater, and Macáe itself is flooded under a metre of water. We’re still waiting for word.

We were a little uncertain of our reception at first since the pastor who said he’d pick us up at 6am didn’t come until around 7:30, and then the first hotel he tried to book us into was all full up and in the middle of a remodelling spree. But he got us into a cute little bed-and-breakfast (sans breakfast) sort of thing – private house out front, houses converted into hotel units out back. Apart from moments of intense embarrassment when the hotel family couldn’t believe I didn’t speak Portuguese (after all, who doesn’t), it’s great.

The Wake the Warriors seminar has been going great. Its in the church, not a camp ground, but they’ve decorated it with tents and camoflague crepe paper all around. They’re really getting into it. For those who might remember (a small group, I’m sure), its very much like the old Rise Up Boot Camps in early 1990s New Zealand. People falling all around, bodies all over the floor, etc. We’re not sure exactly what’s happening, but a lot of people are spending floor time and seem to be being touched.

We found a lan house (cybercafe) to read the Web from, and there’s a good comida á kilo / churrascaria (barbeque) restaurant. It should be fun to see how the conference continues.


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  1. W. Says:

    Have a good trip home!

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