Waking the Warriors

Tuesday, 10 February.

I’ve been slightly feverish and zoned out yesterday and today; getting better this evening. “The Friburgo Lurgy” Paul calls it and says this happens often, something to do with the constant weather and temperature changes here. It doesn’t seem to be anything serious, though it’s the sickest I’ve been for a year or so.

It’s mostly annoying because I’ve lost a couple of days mostly holed up inside the house (except for a trip to town yesterday when I really did feel like I was on another planet, could hardly keep my eyes open) and now my time here is running out. We’re down to counting days.

Paul finally heard from the pastor in Belo Horizonte where he’ll be preaching on Friday, and they’re happy for me to come. That means I get to see Paul present his youth seminar, which he calls Despertem Os Guerreiros (“Waking the Warriors”). He’s been getting speaking invitations to present this for the last year or so and it’s a large part of his wider vision for what he wants to do in the future.

We’ll be travelling by long-haul bus, which I’m not especially looking forward to. But it will be an experience.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we have a church evening service, which will be my last here. Then we leave Friburgo on Thursday afternoon (only two days away!) to take the bus to Rio (a couple of hours), then take an overnight bus (about six hours) to Belo. Then Paul does his thing, then we take the bus back to Rio, and on Tuesday afternoon I fly back to New Zealand.

So soon. I’m still not ready for goodbyes.

Still, I’ve never been to Belo Horizonte before, so that should be fun. I’m not sure what the Internet link will be like there but I’ll try to blog some impressions.

I’m particularly hoping to see if anything interesting happens during the Waking the Warriors course because it’s all about teaching children and teenagers how to pray and do miracles (“ministry in the Spirit” in Pentecostal jargon). Miracles don’t always happen when children pray, but they often seem to be better at it than adults.

Yesterday, while spaced out on the couch, I watched a DVD copy of the Finger of God movie. There are some very cool manifestations captured (including the glitter, as well as gold teeth – that’s another one Paul’s seen here – people with bad teeth sometimes randomly get replacement ones made of a shiny metal. What the? We don’t know either.)

But more important was the film’s lesson that the point of religion needs to be *love*.

One of the most interesting people on the movie (to me) was Heidi Baker, who with her husband Rolland heads up Iris Ministries, the network with which Paul’s church is affiliated. (In fact he says that Heidi is one of the main reasons why he picked Iris; Heidi’s work with children in Mozambique is very similar to what he does in Brazil. Heidi has visited Nova Friburgo, and Paul visited the Iris Mozambigue base a couple of years ago.)

I’ve never met Heidi in person, but there’s something more than ordinary about just watching her on the video; I get goosebumps. She’s channelling some kind of energy that is so beautiful, it makes me weep.

It looks like Finger of God is going to have a sequel, Furious Love.


2 Responses to “Waking the Warriors”

  1. Wondering Says:

    Was wondering about this long silence. Hope you’ll be all well again quickly and have a very special Wednesday night service!!!

  2. W. Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y_R7CBmDAE Here is something to get used to the thought of home. No more beautiful country than this one on earth!

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