Tree In Road

What happens after rain like we had this afternoon? For one thing, potholes.

We had dinner this evening at a comida á kilo restaurant (another nice one – R$8.50 for a full main-meal plate) with Mary from Iris Ministries, also part of the Partners in Harvest network, an American lady from California who has been visiting for two weeks.

On the way there and back we see, in one stretch of downtown cobblestone street, three separate potholes.

The roads here, even though they are built by the city council, are not built to any kind of engineering specification. They lay sand, then cobblestones directly on the sand, then (if it’s a really classy road) asphalt on top of the cobblestones.

When rain comes, as expected, the sand washes away, also as expected. When enough sand washes away, pothole. They’re big here, too – half a metre to a metre across often. Since the streets are not always wide enough to take two cars passing side by side as well as the cars parked on each side, navigating potholes is an art.

When people see a pothole, the convention is to put a broken tree branch in it (or if there’s one handy, a traffic cone, but trees are easier to find).

So the normal exclamation, at least among us English speakers, when you see a marked pothole is ‘tree in road!

It’s hard to estimate the number of new potholes formed across the whole city after just half an hour of heavy rain. Maybe a dozen?


5 Responses to “Tree In Road”

  1. Waiting Says:

    Reminds me of 2Kings 6:6 , also of digging trenches, holes, the room for containing the water, but it was not exactly what I’m waiting for.

  2. Waiting Says:

    I mean, I wasn’t waiting for potholes.

  3. Waiting Says:

    Do you have there any books by Bill Johnson? Like “When heaven invades earth” and “Face to face with God”?

  4. natecull Says:

    Waiting: This journal records only what I personally witness. I don’t have access to the future. We see occasional tiny victories here, but ‘the rain’ in the sense of the kind of spiritual and social revolution Brazil needs to see may still be many years away. I have no idea even what may happen *during* that event, let alone ‘after’.

    If that doesn’t answer your question, I’m sorry, but it’s a question that can’t yet be answered except by the progress of time.

  5. natecull Says:

    I have not personally read any books by Bill Johnson, nor have I seen any here, but I’ve heard his name mentioned. Some Iris staff are very familiar with him. I had not heard his name at all until I came here.

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