This is the music video Paul played at the start of the prayer meeting tonight. It’s a standard Pentecostal worship song by Rio de Janeiro gospel artist Fernandinho and was his big hit in 2003.

Faz Chover

The translation of the title cards is: ‘Based on real facts’ and ‘Several hours later’.

The lyrics are:

Assim como a corsa
anseia por águas
como terra seca
precisa da chuva
meu coração tem sede de ti
rei meu e Deus meu

Faz chover Senhor Jesus
derrama a chuva neste lugar
vem com teu rio Senhor Jesus
inundar o meu coração

An English translation:

As the deer
longs for water
as the desert
needs the rain
my heart is thirsty for you
my king and my God

Make it rain Lord Jesus
pour rain in this place
come with your river Lord Jesus
flood my heart

But it’s not the words but the video which hit me like a sledgehammer. Because this is ordinary life here in Brazil, and this whole surreal scenario of chaos, guns and church is very much just how things are.

After the video we stacked up some other Portuguese-language worship music on the CD player and started praying. And ‘stuff’ happened.


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