…and back again

Back in Friburgo after about a 10-hour transit (cleared departure security in Belém before 4pm, arrived in Friburgo at 2am). Whee!

Also, Internet uplink here is really bad right now, close to 50% packet loss. Let’s hope it’s better tomorrow.


5 Responses to “…and back again”

  1. wing Says:

    was wondering, that’s almost half way around the world

  2. wing Says:

    Er, yes, I meant timewise, of course. Auckland-LA used to be about 11 hrs.

  3. wing Says:

    wasn’t wondering how far it is, but was wondering,when you’d get home

  4. W. Says:

    Just one more apology for your collection. Sorry about the “er,yes”, which probably sounds disrespectful towards you, which I’m not really.

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