Day Two

That worked better.

We stuck to UFPA campus this time, and investigated the salãos basicos where the individual workshops were scheduled to be held. This turned out to be a good move because 1) they were indoors, therefore protected from the rain, 2) they were closer together, so less walking, 3) the walkways between the classrooms were in the shade, and 4) they were interactive groups.

Paul was looking for the FALE evangelical social justice network, but since it had changed time and location without warning, ended up leading a spontaneous self-forming group, which is the Forum concept working at its best. I joined a workshop run by the American Friends Service Committee which turned out to discuss US-Mexico immigration policy, countering military recruiting, a group developing anti-war films in Armenia, and a journalism student from Rio concerned about favela violence. (If you’re reading this blog – hi. I didn’t get your name but hopefully you have my brother’s URL.)

I found the organisational fair, but many of the booths this year were labelled but empty. Strange. A definite dearth of English-speaking international groups.

The five Latin American presidents are flying in tonight but we’re not going to brave the crowds to go see. We’re watching TV news coverage at the moment.

More photos.


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