Downtown Belém

4:30pm on Saturday.

After breakfast, we walked downtown and found a very good supermarket just a couple blocks away, so we’re now set for bottled drinking water. The laundry just across from the hotel wants to charge around R$10 per article of clothing washed which is a bit insane – maybe they’ve jacked their prices up for the Forum. Washing in the sink and hanging in the shower seems more practical.

We made our way to the waterfront, dodging the occasional light falls of rain. The hotel elevator shows a constant 29 degrees C (our rooms are at a nice chilly 20) but it might vary a bit outside – dunno but I’d say the early thirties would be right.

The real daily rain fell just before 3pm and lasted maybe 20 minutes. It’s always like that here, apparently.

Next step is to hunt down food places. Tomorrow will be Forum registration.

Lots of new pictures in the photostream. It’s so fast to upload here!


One Response to “Downtown Belém”

  1. Another Walker Says:

    Meanwhile in S.M. Walked past 25 W. today. Cute little boy was not there. I always look for him. The terrace was nice and quiet and as hot as Brazil.

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