The Amazon is full of exotic fruits, and Belém was founded by the Portuguese as a trading port reaping this rich harvest. (We pass tastefully over the total slaughter, enslavement and genocide of the native tribes as a result of this noble project.)

One of these fruits is a white berry called cupuaçu. We had cupuaçu ice creams at the Estacaõ das Docas (Docks Station), an upscale tourist mall that refurbished the old docks.

Cupuaçau tastes a bit like passionfruit, sharp and tangy with a hint of acetone and echoes of peat moss in the background.


One Response to “Cupuaçu”

  1. Worried Says:

    I hope you did not swallow the “phylogenetically intriguing butterfly herbivore the “lagarta verde” Macrosoma tipulata” which acc. to Wiki is supported by the Cupuacu in your ice cream! But don’t worry too much, you will be sprayed in Auckland anyway.

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