A Review of Airline Food, Pt 2

Breakfast, at home:
muesli with UHT milk and yoghurt

Lunch, padaria (cafe/bakery) at Nova Friburgo rodoviária, 2pm:

Burger de forno (oven hamburger). Another quintessentially Brazilian eatable. Imagine a McDonalds hamburger, the small kind, only the bun made of a cross between bread and pie pastry, and sealed up so the burger patty is inside the whole little dealie. Yum!

Pão de quijo (cheese bread)
A classic small snack. A two-inch ball of chewy bread with chewy cheese inside; a bite-sized spherical pizza.

Guara-Viton soft drink
Non-fizzy guaraná and ginseng drink. Mmm.

Dinner at Rio international airport food court, 6pm:

Crumbed fried chicken fillets with lettuce and tomato salad and shoestring French fries. R$8.60

Evening snack, TAM airlines flight from Rio to Belém, around 9pm:

Ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato roll in a cardboard tube like a big McDonalds pastry pod. Surprisingly not bad.

Breakfast, 10am, Formule 1 hotel, Belém:

For R$6 each we get free run of the hotel cafe, which serves urn coffee (with an urn of hot milk), bread rolls, cake, and slices of bread in a cheerful, low-budget, motel/motor-camp like atmosphere. We eat at large round tables with around ten chairs at each and a toaster on top.


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