Where we’re going (we might need roads)

Packed and about to leave the house. Our route is:
* Trina drives us to the Nova Friburgo rodoviária (inter-city bus terminal)
* We go by bus to Rio de Janeira rodoviára (two and a half hours)
* We take the airport bus to the airport
* We take a direct flight to Belém (four hours, not the eight we figured earlier; Brazil has multiple time zones so calculating trip times can be confusing)

Then we end up here:
* Val de Caes International Airport, Belém

From there, we just have to figure out how to get to our Formule 1 hotel and from there to the registrations for the Forum.

Fun trivia: Belém is Bethlehem in Portuguese. Also the same word as the English ‘Bedlam’.

Computer off. Click-click. Bye!


One Response to “Where we’re going (we might need roads)”

  1. W. Says:

    http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vitregias02.jpg VICTORIA REGIA IN BELEM – the most impressive plant of my childhood! They told me one can place a baby on its leaves. I felt uneasy about such experiments, probably because it was not too long since I had been one.

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