It rains constantly, intermittently, here in Friburgo. It’s 8pm; I just now noticed the quiet sound of water falling from gutters and went up to check the laje. Our washing is still slightly damp but I brought it in. The rain will clear soon enough, but if we’re travelling tomorrow, no sense in it getting wetter.

Nobody here has clothes driers. Well, maybe a few rich people do, but not on our hill. I guess the cost of electricity simply makes that unfeasible. Wide-screen TV’s, yes – clothes driers, no.

It makes being an itinerant speaker difficult though. We went shirt shopping today in preparation for the trip. R$11 each for simple, but locally made, good looking shirts. Not too bad compared with the Chinese Warehouse ones that cost me NZ$20.

The view from the laje at night is strangely beautiful. The streetlights shine up through the little crooked streets and alleys sprawled over the hills and make the brick shacks glow in an organic way that neat, planned suburbs don’t. Mist hangs over the green hills. It feels like we’re in a jungle outpost that somehow without meaning to grew into a city.

You get that feeling sometimes in New Zealand; walk around Greymouth and you suddenly notice you’re in a rainforest. It’s a bit like that here. Only the rain is often warm, and the dirt is red, like Australia.


2 Responses to “Rain”

  1. W. Says:

    RAIN-exactly, that’s what we want………….

  2. W. Says:

    And then some light

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