Drop-In Centre Video

Another video clip: the drop-in centre which Trina runs four times a week.

I photographed this in 2005 (with the same little Minolta – the next thirteen photos in this set are from that location). At that time the Communidade da Colheita church was located in the same space (which used to be a bar). Now that space is dedicated to the drop-in game centre. The mural on the left wall, by the table tennis area, was painted by a visiting worker.

Right now, as Trina explains in her blog, it’s sort of ‘United Nations time’ here at the project with so many temporary visitors. I’m going to try to be doing some interviews with the English-speakers and post little video bites as and when time and bandwidth allow.

(I suspect one of the reasons why so many foreign and Brazilian missionaries have visited Cordoeira is because of our early Internet presence. I’d like to try to push that a bit if I can while I’m here.)

More photos are up on Flickr.

If you want some background viewing to understand our little world here, I highly recommend the movie Cidade dos Homens. It’s filmed in real Rio slums of today with 15-year-old actors and the life struggles of those fictional kids are exactly what the ones here face daily.


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