Dinner, Skype, Forum

Dinner tonight was a comida à kilo (or comida por quilo), literally ‘food by weight’ – a buffet-type restaurant where you select food, then hand it to the assistant to be weighed, and you are charged by weight. It’s a very simple, cheap system, and a full meal plus dessert cost me R$12. Eating comida à kilo now and then is a good way to stay healthy and make sure you get ‘real food’.

The meal I selected was: a beef pancake (essentially a lasagna rolled up), black beans on whole rice, and a mixture of salads including also a quintessentially Brazilian side dish which is what you’d get if you ran potato crisps through a shredder: little matchstick-splinters of crisp. As a salad.

The dessert was fruit salad, plus a number of variations on ‘flan’ in various shades of chocolate and white.

After dinner, we made a Skype call back to New Zealand, which worked pretty well: a few dropouts, but mostly clear and most important of all, free of toll charges.

We’ll be travelling tomorrow and we don’t know what Internet connectivity will be like in Belém, but we’re taking the eeePC sub-notebook and will try to install Skype on that, so we may be able to make calls. If you want to try to contact us, my Skype ID is ‘natecull’ – but do check the ‘time in Rio’ world clock link before calling (though you probably just won’t get us at all when we’re offline).

The time that works out well for us here in Friburgo, calling New Zealand, is from 6pm to midnight our time, which maps to 9am to 3pm in NZDT. For Americans, I guess we’re two or three hours east of NY time, so evening probably works well for us there too.

The World Social Forum is going to be hectic though so I make no guarantees. If it’s anything like last time, Internet access will be spotty at best and only via public web terminals, so I may be limited to just uploading a few photos via Flickr and writing some very brief blog posts.

Many thanks to all my supporters back home for your interest so far. I hope to have a lot more good stuff to upload in a week’s time.


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