I can broadcast video! Woohoo!

Took me ten minutes to upload this and about the same to recharge my camera battery so I might not do this too often but yay technology.


11 Responses to “Video!”

  1. Anna Says:

    More videos please. That was great. Surprisingly normal looking (the house). Glad you arrived safely – adventures with food notwithstanding. And please don’t listen to W’s diet advice. You know better : )

  2. W. Says:

    I’m afraid, I have to agree with you, Anna. Icecream is better avoided on trips and maybe otherwise too.

  3. W. Says:

    Yes, Nate, we all want more videos, but make sure you’re in it!

  4. W. Says:

    And when you get back, we want to see your living room, unedited!!!

  5. W. Says:

    And the kitchen.

  6. W. Says:

    Does the painting on Paul’s church wall remind you of something?

    • natecull Says:

      ‘W’: Yes, Paul got the idea from the Evangelistic Temple’s baptism mural. Not everything there was bad, as I’ve explained to you before. Just the things that were bad, were bad.

  7. W. Says:

    SO WHAT WAS GOOD? You “haven’t explained to me before”.

  8. W. Says:

    I know

  9. W. Says:

    Too many clouds in the sky still

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