Shopping is Supermercados ABC, one of about two or three supermarkets in town. We get milk (UHT cartons, in bricks of a dozen), bread, eggs, butter, Batavo yoghurt, shrink-wrap polystyrene trays of sliced cheese and of ‘Chester‘, a bird which looks like turkey but is apparently a kind of genetically engineered uberchicken developed by the local evil megacorporation.

I think I’ll call it Chestburster. I’ve had it before; it tastes great.

Weyland-Yutani Nutriscience: building better bodies eight ways. Some monsterism may occur.

This is the sort of stuff which is normal in Brazil. You learn to recalibrate ‘normal’. It happens surprisingly (frighteningly) quickly.

Oh, and then we got some biscuits and some juices (mango, strawberry, guava, courtesy of Minute Maid, a Coca-Cola brand) and some vegetables. The tomatoes and apples are the main health problem because they’re not boiled; sanitisation treatment currently consists of soaking in slightly bleachy water.

Among the other vegetables are some zucchini-like things which I’m told are abobrinha. It’s possible they are exactly the same thing, but they’re coloured differently to the zucchini I know.


3 Responses to “Shopping”

  1. W. Says:

    Had some chicken-takeaways. Was wondering what kind of giant chicken those huge chunks of meat came off………I venture to say the things from Italia are Zucchini. Meant to buy a cucumber the other day and found myself holding a Zucchini in my hand. Ate them today mixed into Tunafish with Mayonnaise. Otherwise your shoppinglist seems identical to mine, except for tomatoes……..Can you read what I’m writing while I’m writing it. You must have changed your last sentence just as I’m writing this. Didn’t you say sth. about Italia. Anyway. Hi.

  2. natecull Says:

    I edit, yes.

  3. W. Says:

    I guess that was the Zucchini-Synchronicity for today.

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