Back in International. All checked through to Rio. Now it’s just the battle with airport tedium.


3 Responses to “Checked”

  1. W. Says:

    Last time after living through 6 hrs of T E E E E E E D I U M in LA, or was it San Francisco, I missed my plane to Boston. Graciously they let me go on Delta Airlines and that way I spent some time in Ohio. I think it was Cincinatty.

  2. W. Says:

    Cincinnati is called “The Queen of the West” and I did not even know how to spell it. Actually the town I was in had something to do with beer, but wiki does not even mention it. And Ohio is in the East.

  3. W. Says:

    Here we go, if you care to know: the Queen of the West once upon a time had the highest per capita consumption of beer and Ale in the country.

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